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Nicole Zizi is a multi-dimensional artist and designer.

Deriving from Broward County, Florida. 

She attributes her Haitian descent to be a significant aspect relayed in her artwork.This sense of culture stems from a deep sensibility to craftsmanship, textiles, and community that is common practice within the Haitian community. She spent most of her formative years honing her skills while commuting between Florida and New York.This allowed her to gain great insight into a broader business and thriving commercial art community.

At 17, She decided to relocate to New York where she enrolled at Parsons School of Design. Her studies are concentrated in Product Design and Architecture. since enrollment, she has begun analyzing her world as a source of constant inspiration. Studying at Parsons allowed her to seek solutions that existed within the design world. her concentrations specifically focused on advancements in furniture, architecture, and fashion.She learned about the earthly pollutions and how it affected the average person’s mental congestion, as well as their everyday lives. This experience inspired her to reassert her approach to design in a new fashion. Prefacing each new design with environmental issues as the main concern. This discovery moved her to designate the materials she utilized prior to developing the design. While processing new eco-friendly materials  this allowed her flexibility to exchange old structures with resourceful ones. 

Her environmental studies also led her to experiment with creating harmonious spaces for people seeking refuge from mental congestion.The SOULWORKS platform promotes tranquility conjunction with the art. While channeling her internal rhythm with positive thoughts, she discovered a need to develop a sonic reflection of this feeling. She developed a meditative album for listeners to clear their thoughts, and relax. Providing this form of therapy felt rewarding to her, and she kept exploring new ways to expound upon it within her art.  

In May 2017, She traveled overseas to co-host 7AM in Kingston, a multi-day getaway for creative individuals, that also encourages a new audience to indulge in the creative community. This vacation allowed both parties to meet and explore the future of creativity. The retreat combines the essence of relaxation and reflection with elements of creative collaboration. Other portions are reflective and allow space for self-discovery. The 7AM in Kingston event provides an inspirational and enchanting experience that left all creatives with a sense of power.

In 2013, Creative District expounded upon developing a showcase platform where artists exhibited various mediums. This initiative involved scouting artists, event planning, and location hunting. The show evolved into five installments by Summer of 2017. The Creative District  allowed local artists to get a taste of an enriched art and music experience while setting the bar for showcase presentations. Off the success of establishing Creative District, She ventured on to develop Conceptual Vags. Founded amongst fellow female artists, Conceptual Vags became a supportive networking platform that spotlighted female artists and designers. Fighting against the discriminatory art world norms, the first installment arrived in the Summer of 2015. This showcase reflected a harmonious response and validated the female artist perspective.

Although she resides in New York her focus remains towards developing ART COMME, a hub, and media outlet, that will present a new marketplace in THE ART AND DESIGN INDUSTRY. Still, in its developing phases, she hopes to establish a strong art economy. 

As a designer and entrepreneur, Zizi wants to discover innovative ways to produce progressive designs.Her passion for finding alternative materials has ventured into fashion, interior, and architectural design.

Her work continues to explore themes of spirituality, culture; and promote dialogue amongst the concerns within the art & design worlds. Zizi is committed to providing solutions and assisting communities through her work. Nicole Zizi is a passionate artist and designer in which is reflected in her work. 

as of now, her focus has moved towards developing, nicole zizi studio, taking inspiration from her love of nature. she hopes to inspire future artist and designers to take into account the ENVIRONMENT, communities, and natural preserves when creating designs.