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Doconomy launches credit card with a carbon-emission spending limit

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“Swedish fintech company Doconomy has launched a credit card that tracks the carbon dioxide emissions of purchases, and caps the climate impact of users' spending.

The DO Black credit card directly connects our consumption to the impact it has on the planet, in a bid to encourage us to actively reduce our carbon footprint each day.

Users can make their daily purchases with the DO card, tracking the carbon emissions associated with their spending via the DO app.

The app uses a calculation system called the Åland Index to measure the CO2 produced with every transaction, and allows users to put limits on the climate impact of their spending”


“Those who sign up to DO will receive access to a free savings account that helps them understand their carbon footprint, learn about UN-certified climate compensation projects, and discover investment funds that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

The card itself is made of bio-sourced material and is printed with Air Ink – an ink made from recycled air pollution particles, namely the unburned carbon soot that comes out of car exhaust pipes, chimneys and generators.

Source: Dezeen

Upcycling Lifeguard towers into winter swingset for Toronto's frozen beaches by WMB Studio

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This is a Sling Swingset designed by WMB Studio. “Part of the annual Winter Stations project that transforms lifeguard stations on Toronto’s Woodbine Beach, the Sling Swing was one of five selected designs and revises the idea of a relaxing summer deck chair into a wintery piece of public art. Following the competition theme of ‘warmth’, its swathes of bright orange canvas are suspended from a grid of steel poles that encompass the station and create twenty-one ‘slings’ in which people can swing, huddle or simply sit and contemplate the sea view. When unoccupied, the loops of fabric sway in the breeze to create a highly animated, vibrant weather van. ”


The Importance of Women in Streetwear featured by Casual Fridays

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Yesterday, was International Women's Day, A focal point in the movement for women's rights. We celebrate women and their power, intelligence, the magic that is within each one, that is often not highlighted as much as it should, especially in the design field. Read Casual Friday’s article featuring  women that are changing the street wear game such as my brand, NICOLE ZÏZI STUDIO, Sheila Rashid, Stray Rats, By My Lonely, and many more,  

“It is crazy to believe that in a fashion world ruled by women’s wear women are rarely mentioned when it comes to streetwear.“


”Then you have brands such as NICOLE ZÏZI STUDIO, ran by NICOLE ZÏZI, where they focus on making eco friendly sustainable high-end streetwear and design. Her most recent capsule features a jacket and accessories made of plastic from Haiti & Honduras that were collected by locals as a clean up effort.“

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