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Upcycling Lifeguard towers into winter swingset for Toronto's frozen beaches by WMB Studio

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This is a Sling Swingset designed by WMB Studio. “Part of the annual Winter Stations project that transforms lifeguard stations on Toronto’s Woodbine Beach, the Sling Swing was one of five selected designs and revises the idea of a relaxing summer deck chair into a wintery piece of public art. Following the competition theme of ‘warmth’, its swathes of bright orange canvas are suspended from a grid of steel poles that encompass the station and create twenty-one ‘slings’ in which people can swing, huddle or simply sit and contemplate the sea view. When unoccupied, the loops of fabric sway in the breeze to create a highly animated, vibrant weather van. ”


Cake Sculptures Carved From Sheets of Chocolate by Miami-based Artist Jose Margulis and Dinara Kaskp

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“The works of artist, José Margulis have been transformed into edible choclate treats by architect turned baker Dinara Kasko.

The Kinetic Tarts are the result of a collaboration between Kakso and Margulis, who worked together to create edible versions of his artworks for food publication So Good.”


“Margulis, a Miami mixed-media artist, forms his sculptures from layers of colourful plastic sheets – creating a geometric pattern that changes depending on the viewing angle.”

"I tried to transform his creations, made of plastic, aluminium and acrylic, into something edible, using basic techniques and ingredients," said Kasko. "Yet, I wanted to preserve his message and feel."


"It had to be an installation-performance where the art was created by José Margulis and then transformed by me into an edible piece of art which would be later consumed – thus disappear," she continued. "I was transforming the object of art into something edible that would later perish, while emphasising the ephemeral art, its fleetingness in our life."

I’m Excited to Share a Bit of What I have been Working On... ART COMME. NYFW!

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    I have been working diligently and quietly for a little bit but I’m finally excited to share a little bit of what I have been working on... I have been working on a new project called ART COMME. for those that follow my social media accounts, you might have an idea or see me retweet the content! ART COMME. is a hub for artist and designers. Starting with an online marketplace for designers, artist, makers to feature, sell, and brand their work at The online marketplace is currently in the works at this moment.

    In the mean time, we have teamed up with The Vanguard House, a fashion branding agency to put together a collaborative fashion show featuring 11 designers and makers! Talents ranging in womenswear, menswear, plus size clothing, and uni-sex clothing. The show is September 8, in NYC from 3-7pm. Featuring our special guest DJ Cosmosnite! Sponsored by The Foul Hundreds and ESCAPE2NYC! You can rsvp for our NYFW show at: