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Behind The Beard Episode 3 featuring Nicole Zizi

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Recently, I had the pleasure to sit down with Aaron J. Jackson from the Fuck Going Out Podcast. We speak on my journey as an artist, designer, and entrepreneur. Some of the topics we go over such as my upbringing, how I got into art, planning events, and transitioning from graphic design to designing products.

Like I told Aaron, this interview is something special to me. This is the first interview where I am recorded live (so you get to actually hear my voice!), but this is also the first time where I speak on how I got into the industry and talk about projects I am working on and what inspires me to create!

There are not many podcast that speak on the different creatives in the industry outside of music. I believe this podcast is neccesary today to give other creatives to voice their beliefs, ideas, and opinions. So shout-out to Aaron and the FGO team for bringing this to life!

The podcast is available on FGO on Apple Podcast, as well as Soundcloud. Check out the link below to hear it on Soundcloud!

Nike attempts Sustainable Footwear with New Flyleather Material

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Nike has answered the calls of sustainable and environmentally friendly advocates. Flyleather, a more sustainable material made with 50% reclaimed leather fibers, it is five times stronger, and 40 percent lighter than traditional leather. Nike, has the second highest environmental impact for both carbon and water. According to Nike's research, the hybrid material will use around 90% less water, and promises to lower their traditional  full grain leather carbon footprint by 80%.