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Upcycling Lifeguard towers into winter swingset for Toronto's frozen beaches by WMB Studio

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This is a Sling Swingset designed by WMB Studio. “Part of the annual Winter Stations project that transforms lifeguard stations on Toronto’s Woodbine Beach, the Sling Swing was one of five selected designs and revises the idea of a relaxing summer deck chair into a wintery piece of public art. Following the competition theme of ‘warmth’, its swathes of bright orange canvas are suspended from a grid of steel poles that encompass the station and create twenty-one ‘slings’ in which people can swing, huddle or simply sit and contemplate the sea view. When unoccupied, the loops of fabric sway in the breeze to create a highly animated, vibrant weather van. ”


Nike attempts Sustainable Footwear with New Flyleather Material

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Nike has answered the calls of sustainable and environmentally friendly advocates. Flyleather, a more sustainable material made with 50% reclaimed leather fibers, it is five times stronger, and 40 percent lighter than traditional leather. Nike, has the second highest environmental impact for both carbon and water. According to Nike's research, the hybrid material will use around 90% less water, and promises to lower their traditional  full grain leather carbon footprint by 80%.