FEATURE: Nicole Zizi featured on Bullish discussing streetwear investments

FEATURE: Nicole Zizi featured on Bullish discussing streetwear investments

I had the pleasure of talking to bullish news about streetwear investment, sharing my thoughts on good streetwear investments and the future of streetwear. Bullish has created a guide to streetwear investments as it continues to grow in interest.
Here is an excerpt from the article: How much can an Oreo cost? If it has a Supreme logo, over $90,000 on eBay.
Supreme x Oreo is one of the streetwear brand’s latest drops for the 2020 Spring/Summer season. While the retail price was a meager $8, a bidder on eBay was bidding for more than a thousand times its original price. This is a telling example of how highly coveted streetwear has become. The Google Trends data for the term streetwear in the U.S. also demonstrates the growing interest in it since 2004. The search increased especially steeply around 2015 and has remained high. 
HOW CAN COMPANIES LIKE SUPREME DRIVE “HYPE” LIKE THIS? The not-so-secret sauce is the “drop,” a limited release of merchandise. By supplying only small quantities of items and advertising them as so, brands cleverly craft an image of scarcity. This makes people want to buy, increasing the demand for the item and thereby the price as well. Marketing channels and communities of streetwear enthusiasts – often referred to as “hypebeasts” – also build up the excitement.
Some social media communities like The Basement have become places where members can buy and sell sneakers, discuss sneaker news, and in some cases, even share personal stories. Streetwear-focused editorial sites such as Hypebeast and Highsnobiety, as well as traditional fashion media outlets, are also good go-to sources for streetwear news. Given such popularity in streetwear, one should seriously consider hopping on the bandwagon. Bullish presents three different ways for investing in streetwear: First, buying and reselling streetwear items; second, investing in public companies or following a company that will soon go public; and last but not least, starting your own streetwear company.
“Here’s another burgeoning feature to look out for: sustainability. Nicole Zizi, founder of the eco-conscious streetwear brand NICOLE ZÏZI STUDIO, said investors should consider the material and the manufacturing process behind the fashion item.
Following the vegan food and fake meat movement Bullish reported on, the demand for sustainable clothing is on the rise. “Clothes, I think that’s the next market that is coming within that eco, vegan world,” Zizi said. Plus, in order to produce sustainably, manufacturers produce small quantities at once. This, in turn, makes the apparel more exclusive. It’s “like a piece of art in some form,” Zizi said. “Instead of it depreciating over time, it will more likely gain value.” A lot of these items are difficult to get your hands on. In order to ‘cop’ these highly popular items, you should be on top of your information game.”
Read the full article on streetwear investments on Bullish (Click the link to read)

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