The BMW Vision Neue Klasse redefines the automaker's future strategy for electric vehicles

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse redefines the automaker's future strategy for electric vehicles

BMW's Vision Neue Klasse, a highlight at this year’s IAA Mobility International Motor Show in Munich, heralds the automaker's future direction for what was once its primary vehicle category, the traditional sedan. The car's design is a modern, audacious reimagination to counteract the steady decline in popularity of sedans due to the surge of SUVs.


The Vision Neue Klasse, according to Adrian van Hooydonk, the current head of BMW Group Design, exhibits a quintessential BMW design that's so progressive it appears to leapfrog an entire model generation. Although the Vision car is currently only a concept, its features, such as the use of secondary raw materials and full electric power, seem achievable and are already standard in some cases.


The concept car highlights critical elements of BMW design, including the iconic ‘Hofmeister kink’, a curve on the C-pillar that has been part of almost every BMW for the past 50 years. It also showcases an impressive BMW kidney grille, blending the form into the vehicle's full frontal width, with built-in headlights and a prominent central division.


The concept car promises significant advancements, including 30% more range, 30% faster charging, and 25% greater efficiency. Inside the car, a new generation of BMW’s pioneering iDrive HMI pairs seamlessly with 'BMW Panoramic Vision', a heads-up display system that projects information across the entire windscreen width.


The interior adopts a minimalist concept style with yellow corduroy, a refreshing departure from traditional interiors. BMW highlights the absence of decorative leather and chrome as a further step towards reducing the car's carbon footprint.


The significance of this concept lies in its role as a roadmap for BMW's EV strategy. Having lost its lead in electrification to competitors, BMW recognizes the need to realign its manufacturing and innovation efforts with a fresh design vision. This car provides a glimpse into next-generation mobility; expect elements of the Vision Neue Klasse to gradually make their way into BMW’s production vehicles over the next two to three years.

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