I grew Mushroom Mycelium Planters!

I grew Mushroom Mycelium Planters!

After a while of obsessing over mushroom fabrics I decided to experiment with the material and decided to grow my own planters. This planter is made out of mycelium mushroom and hemp shreds. Mycelium is the vegetative part of mushroom, that is made of long white fibers. When mycelium is combined with wood fibers, and grown it can become as tough as brick. People have experimented with growing this for architecture insulation, packaging (puma uses this in some of their latest packaging), as well as furniture and home decor.

I decided to go with planter bowl form because this is the easiest form I could make at home, and I love the idea of making planters that can be used for the spring. The idea of watch the plant degrade the planter over time made it even more intriguing (or you can put a small bowl in the planter to prevent the decomposing process). Overall, the process of growing the mycelium to a solid state took 11 days. 6 days for the first spurts of mycelium to grow. 5 days for the mycelium to grow into a solid form. I found this process really easy to handle and exciting I see myself making some more in the future and experimenting with the different forms I can make. 

Day 11

Day 1

Day 6 

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Hello, I wanted to ask you a question about the process

With my university group we are thinking of making these pots, and now we are looking to make the prototype, could you tell me in more detail how you do the process?

Another question, how long does it take for the pot to degrade once it comes into contact with the plant?

I would appreciate very much for the answers, greetings from Argentina!

Facundo Donadio

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