Nicole Zizi as Guest on "Oh... We're Going There" a Millennial, Black-centric Podcast

Nicole Zizi as Guest on "Oh... We're Going There" a Millennial, Black-centric Podcast

This week I had the opportunity to be a guest on “Oh… We’re Going There” a podcast created by Tahira Benjamin, creator of Tahira is not a mega-blogger, or a macro-Influencer, but she is really pretty proud of what she has created online. Tahira talks about subjects that she actually cares about. This podcast is no different, and seeks to keep you in the know on how Black and Brown Millennials and Gen-Zers are shaping and influenced by society. Like we all know, and like Tahira knows we live in a world where those voices simply don’t get enough, Tahira hopes to go there with change-makers like Nayamka Roberts-Smith, Bree Newsome Bass, Jaime Harrison, Shannon Watts, Shirley Raines, and NOW myself Nicole. 
On this episdoe Tahira and I speak in depth on sustainability, and how it relates to Black and Brown community, breaking down everything from ecosystems and education, to sourcing and pay grades, and how we can and why we should be in tune with sustainability. Support the show (
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