Philippe Starck Designed Interior for the "World's First" Commercial Space Station

"French designer Philippe Starck has created the interiors for the habitation module of the "world's first" commercial space station, which is due to open in 2020. Designed for the privately-owned space exploration company, Axiom Space, Starck's will house expeditions to the space station. Axiom commissioned Starck to create the interiors of the crew quarters, dining area and galley habitation module for the Axiom Station, which is connected to the International Space Station (ISS).Starck wanted his interior design to evoke the feeling of being weightless in the womb, which is similar to astronauts floating in zero gravity. 

The interior of the space craft are designed to enhance life in orbit, and to provide an added level of luxury to its forthcoming space station. Axiom recently announced the launch of its space tourism program, which will offer  10-day expeditions to their space station connected to ISS at the cost of £41 million ($55 million) per ticket. Before the first launch, which is set to occur in 2020, visitors will undergo a 15-week training experience that will be conducted side-by-side with national astronauts." via Dezeen

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