Things We Love: VIDIVIXI Furniture Collection

It’s a common journalistic trope to anoint cities “the new Brooklyn,” but what do you call it when a place suddenly begins to pull creative people from all over the world into its orbit? In the past few years, we’ve had friends from Berlin, London, New Jersey, Joshua Tree, Spain, Los Angeles, and, yes, Brooklyn pick up and move to Mexico City; the latest is Mark Grattan, a Pratt grad who founded his firm VIDIVIXI in 2014 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, but who moved to Mexico City now more than two years ago. We met Mark briefly during his time in New York, but based on the sophistication of the new collection VIDIVIXI debuted this week, we’re now dying to get to know him a bit better.
The centerpiece of the collection is a bed — the third Grattan has designed — whose channel-tufted cotton weave upholstery wraps around a walnut frame and continues halfway underneath, so that the bed begins to resemble an impossibly chic animal resting on its haunches. Another favorite is the Café Con Leche table, made from 8 interlocking, U-shaped pieces of wood and topped with a rounded piece of bronze glass. We recently spoke with Grattan about how Mexico has widened his world — including introducing him to new studio partner Adam Caplowe — and redefined the scope of his practice.
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