Three Gifted Artist Team Up to Present "UNTMD,2018"

Three Gifted Artist Team Up to Present "UNTMD,2018"

Three gifted artist, Margo Ashley, Reginald O'Neal, and Terrence Price have teamed up to create a beautiful short film titled "UNTMD, 2018.". A  video that shows the beauty in black, love, self love, and acceptance. The video speaks for itself. Below you can view the script.

"Grey day that boy got them wicks,
Them dukes,
Them bodies,
That boy shit live as fuck
How you get yo shit like that
Oh forreal?
They so alluring
I'm bet criticism comes pouring, out of the mouth of those who are confused about your story,
and why you choose to store these, tangled leaves on your head like that.
You like a rasta or something?
A homeless man?
A thug?
Someone who loves the absence of, systematic mental control,
Pure freedom, black dove
Black love...
Black love! 
Self Love! 
Self acceptance!
A display of strength that show,
All of these weapons, 
Aimed at you won't prosper
Well kept, 
So beautiful, 
But yet so...
Neglected. " - Reginald O'Neal
Styled by Margo Ashley (ig: @margo_ashleyy)
Words/sounds by Reginald O'Neal (ig: @l.e.other)
Shot/directed by Terence Price (Ig: @mxlawkii)

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