Squishy chair made from Bio-Foam and the Charcoal Foam Fabirc

Squishy chair made from Bio-Foam and the Charcoal Foam Fabirc

Bonnie Hvillum's bio-foam Foame chair



Bonnie Hvillums Foame chair is a chair that follows an organic stylistic design, resembling a black stone, charcoal. It is actually made from biodegredable foam-composite developed by Bonnie Hvillie and Stephane Moscall-Varey. It is described as tactile and squishy material.

Charcoal Foam Composite Canadian-British based designer Stephanie Moscall-Varey













Bonnie Hvillum is a Copenhagen based materials research and design studio. Here she explores the possible future of discarded or overseen raw matter by using them in new contexts and combinations.

She takes a material-led approach where the starting point for the design journey is centered around the properties and qualities of the matter. This means it is the material and its narrative that drives the design ideas. By exploring the limitations and opportunities novel expressions, surfaces and textures are created. It is believed that by working this way more sustainable and natural design solutions happens. She holds a masters degree in Interactive Design from Aarhus University, Denmark, and has previously worked as a systemic design consultant for several organizations. resembles a glossy black stone from a distance, but was actually made from a biodegradable foam-composite of charcoal developed by the designer that renders it tactile and squishy.


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